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  • #36 Two Reasons You Should Stop Trying To Find Out Which Type Of Potato You Are

    The time we spend in front of screens increases dramatically. And the reasons for us to be glued to those screens becomes more dubious by the day. This episode questions […]

  • #35 Exercise – Killing Bad Habit In Cold Blood

    We all have bad habits. Let’s just face it! Getting rid of them presents difficult to a lot of us, so we worked out this rather simple method to “kill […]

  • #34 You Need A Hug! And You! And You! And You!

    FREE HUGS FOR EVERYONE! 🙂 Hugs are good for us. And they feel good, too. And they strengthen your heart. And there’s a scientific reason for that as well. All […]

  • #33 3 Ways To Fail At Everything In Life

    Being exposed to other people a lot gifts you with a certain understanding of their being, and their habits. A lot of the bad habits makes them vulnerable to failure […]

  • #32 Good Enough – Learn These Words And Learn To Live By Them

    Our life is being constantly driven by being perfect. And this while not even nature gets it right, and subjects everything to evolution to improve it constantly. Good enough, in […]

  • #31 Stop Fearing The Unknown

    Guess what one of main drivers in your decision making process is? Right, avoiding mistakes. It’s about awareness to become (more) free in all decisions in your life.

  • #30 Exercise – Positive Wakeup Call

    The Dalai Lama once said: “Just one positive thought in the morning can change your entire day”. You know those people who jump outa bed, totally happy and motivated? We’re […]

  • #29 Personal Project Granularity

    There are those who are gifted in that they can look at a problem and figure out the solution all in their head. Then there are those who need to […]

  • #28 Whining

    Whining is… useless, won’t improve the situation, a guarantee to make yourself and the people around you miserable. Stop it! This episode helps you transition from being a whiner to […]

  • #27 Saving Money Is Not Earning Money

    Sure, saving money for a rainy day isn’t wrong. Like with everything you can overdo it; with according consequences. This episode is about how to avoid going overboard on saving […]